STOREAK ERP Software for Small and medium business

A simple and highly efficient system to provide you with the highest quality service

STOREAK Features

Accessible, Convenient and Manageable

Centralized Data

having data available in a centralized location helps to facilitate business processes and reduces the amount of time that employees spend waiting on people in different departments to provide them with information necessary to complete important tasks.


reduces the amount of manual input required and the time that it takes for tasks to be completed., easily collect data and streamline business processes within the company.


provides detailed reports that are actionable and relevant. Additionally, it allows complete traceability, ensuring every error, inconsistency and questionable process can be traced, corrected and prevented.


Users will not find any difficulty in accessing certain information or navigating within the system.

Consistent look and content

We choose the best designs to show your data in a smooth, consistent, and professional way in all platforms (web, Android, IOS).


We have taken a wide range of measures to ensure unauthorized access to your data and to maintain its integrity.

Trusted by 10+ Businesses over Iraq Country

Manage Your Store and its Branches

Keep up to date about everything that happens in your store's branches.

You can manage your store information like add new details or update it etc ...
you can do the same with each branch if you have it.

Manage Employees and Customers

Manage all your system affairs online and keep in touch with your company staff.

Easily manage your personnel affairs.
Connect with your customers online effectively.

Manage Your Store Inventory

Manage your store effectively by following up the incoming and outcoming materials operations.

You can generate an accurated reports and statistics by one click easily.
You can have a notifications about the inventory if its about running out.

Delegate Service

You can manage your marketing and delivery operations.

Market your product professionally.
Enhance the trust relationship with your customers by delivering your products without an intermediary.

Accounting Service

You can manage all accounting processes related to incoming and outcoming system resources.

Easily read accounting reports by creating charts for them.
Get the balance sheet report accurately and easily.

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